Sunday, October 17, 2010

When Will Sports Cards Have QR Codes?

You've seen this in magazines, Best Buy advertisements, and even in the windows of some businesses.

It's a QR Code. If you scan it with your smart phone camera via a QR Scanner app, it opens a video or URL.

It sounds complicated, but it's not. 
For example, I downloaded a QR scanner from the iPhone app store. There are a ton of free ones out there. I use the AT&T Scanner and QR Scanner.

A few weeks ago there was a code to scan in the Sunday Best Buy ad. When I scanned it, the code launched a 5 minute YouTube video of the highlighted band recording their song - very cool behind the scenes video.

I'm writing a blog post at work about us doing this on business cards to either our corporate home page or to our personal LinkedIn page. The QR Code pictured here goes to my LinkedIn public profile.

When will sports cards have QR codes on the back?
I think this is another way to give the collector extra content and make cards more digital. Some types that I'd like to see the QR code linking to: 
- A video of a current player talking about the upcoming season.
- A video of a player talking about a career highlight. A 500 home run series having a member of the club talking about hitting #500.
- Upper Deck or Topps running giveaways with some of the codes for free cards and boxes.
- A video of a historic moment.
- A video link of the player signing the card you have.

There are a lot of possibilities and it would add some life to the industry.


Paul said...

Didn't we try this about 10 years ago with that one Pacific set that had a url on every card?

Anonymous said...

Keep the cards the way they are. I'd much rather have a large photo and more stats/info than a bar code or QR code. Keep it simple and enjoy it for what it is.

James said...

@Paul - I think you're right. But we couldn't do it all from our phone then. With this code, we can scan at the hobby store when we open the pack or wherever we are.

Mike said...

Thanks for sharing this story. The future possibilities are pretty exciting.