Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Is a New Beckett Media Site Scheduled for 2011?

Beckett Media introducted new president, Brian Gulledge, on July 7, 2010. Part of Brian's opening remarks focused on the customer service issues of the Becket Media website and the plan to launch a new site in December, 2010.

At the time, I blogged that this was a pretty aggressive plan. Honestly, I don't visit the website much (I RSS the blog though), but I checked in on today and it looks the same to me.

Is there going to be a new website? Will it be in the last days of 2010? Will there be one in 2011?

Monday, December 27, 2010

Try to Smack that Smile off Gino Marchetti's Face

Hey Rookie - What are you smiling at?

This is Gino Marchetti's 1952 Bowman Large rookie card (#23). I picked up this card on eBay for a fraction of the book value. Yes, add your own book value comment here.

I met Gino at an autograph show a few years ago. He didn't say much (unlike his HOF teammate Art Donovan), but he signed my item, and said thank you.

This is card almost finishes my 52 Bowman Large Texans team set. Two more to go!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

You Say Weiner, I Say Weiner

Now this is a cool vintage card. I've noticed some of the 1952 Bowman cards are landscape instead of portrait - not all, but a handful are designed this way.

This is another one for my Dallas Texans team set. This is card #114, Art Weiner from the 1952 Bowman Large series.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Nine Years Later - Hockey Player Epsen Knutsen Closes a Chapter

The hockey nets that cascade around the hockey rink from arena ceilings didn't alway exist. A stray puck from ex-Columbus Blue Jacket Epsen Knutsen changed the safety guidelines in all arenas.

Nearly nine years ago, a puck hit by Knutsen hit and killed 13-year-old Brittanie Cecil. On Friday, Knutsen finally met the mother of that little girl.

The story is here in the Columbus Dispatch.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

1952 Bowman Large Design Fail

For the most part, the 1952 Bowman football series (large and small) looks outstanding. I've been working on a '52 Texans set for both.

There are some great action shots like Zollie Toth and Art Weiner.

And then the series has the John Wozniak card here.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Brett Favre Autographing 297 Streak Footballs

It didn't take Brett Favre long to capitalize on his 297 consecutive games streak.

Favre is selling footballs with a 297 game inscription on his official website. If he can't put his socks on, I'm not sure how he can sign a football?

Interesting note from Pete King on Favre's streak ending in Detroit:

  • Lou Gehrig's streak also ended in Detroit.
  • Wally Pipp's streak also ended in Detroit.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Dallas Cowboy Gets Michael Vick's Autograph After the Game

"Wow, you guys just officially ended our season, can you sign this glove for me?"

Was that the conversation Tashard Choice had with Michael Vick following Sunday night's game in Dallas?

The Eagles just officially eliminated the Cowboys from the playoff picture (unofficially that was done by Tashard Choice's fumble agains Washington in Week 1), when Choice asked for Vick's autograph on the football field! According to Vick, "that's probably the first time that's ever happened to me." You think?

Do you think Emmitt Smith would have asked for Steve Young's autograph on the field? Would Tony Dorsett had ever asked for Terry Bradshaw's autograph after the game? How do you think the Dallas defense felt about Choice obtaining post-game autographs on the field for the player that beat them?

According the Choice, the glove was for a family member. What if that glove was now for sale on eBay?

The ESPN is story here.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Does this Dallas Texan Look "Sneaky Fast?"

The back of this card describes Chris Burford as "Sneaky Fast!"

In 1961, Burford averaged 16.7 yards per reception and 51 catches for 850 yards and 5 touchdowns.

This 1962 Fleer is the latest Dallas Texans card I've picked up on eBay. I only have five more before completing the team set.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Great Action Shots from Dallas Texan E.J. Holub

The 1962 Fleer set I'm collecting is entertaining if nothing else.

I'm focusing on the Dallas Texans and some of these cards are pretty hilarious. This is E.J. Holub, a linebacker from Texas Tech.

As David commented on my previous blog post about the 1962 Texans, "Part of the reason for so many local collegiate guys was to help create an interest in the team by having the fans recognize the players. They were referred to as "Territorial Picks."

Great comment and thanks for the contribution.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Breaking News: I Haven't Blogged Much Lately

This just in . . . there haven't been too many October and November blog posts from me.

About a year or so ago, I decided to start living more. What does that mean? To me, it meant doing instead of watching.

I tackled my fear of heights by skydiving last year and this year I did my first polar bear plunge and started running. If you follow me on twitter, you know I've just completed my first 1/2 marathon - The Rock and Roll Marathon series in Las Vegas (pictured with my medal here).

Do I still love sports cards and marketing? Of course and I'll continue to blog and tweet about both.

I've picked up some nice '62 Fleers and '52 Bowman Larges recently. I'll start blogging about them shortly.