Sunday, April 10, 2011

Can We Have a National App for That?

There should be a National App. 

The road map to building apps has become easier. The programs are better and there are plenty of consultants ready to do the heavy lifting if you need it.

To take the National to the next step, they need an App for the National Sports Collectors Convention. Apps for conventions are almost common at this point. For comparison, I downloaded the StarWars Celebration V app to my iPhone. It's for last year's event, but the set-up for the National can be similar.

If I were designing the structure, I'd go this route: 
  • Home Screen - Sign up for email newsletter option and countdown to the National
  • News - latest official information and tweets. 
  • Guests - the National could use a Tri-Star autograph list
  • Schedule - Hours of the show and link to buy tickets. 
  • Fan Photos - Anyone can upload tickets to a Flickr page
  • Exhibitors - List of dealers attending the show
  • Map - Map of convention space
  • Travel - Travel information, hotels, trains, etc. 
Let's get this going.

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