Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tom Seaver Autograph - 40 Years Since the 1969 Mets

My final piece of memorabilia of the 1969 Mets is an autograph baseball of Tom Terrific, The Franchise, Tom Seaver.

Seaver's 1969 Game 4 of the World Series is legendary. Seaver pitched 10 innings, giving up one run on 6 hits! Amazing. That was also the only game he won in the series.

During the 1969 season, Tom Seaver won 25 games, had a 2.21 ERA, and completed 18 of his starts.

Seaver picked up 198 of his 311 wins in a NY Mets uniform. I still remember him sitting in the Boston Red Sox dugout during the 1986 World Series and thinking what a strange site it was for me and how weird it must have felt for him.

Seaver was part of Shea's closing ceremonies last year and was part of Citi/Shea/TARP field's opening ceremonies this year.

Thankfully, the Mets announced yesterday that August 22 will be their 1969 Mets night. It's about time. I think the last '69 Mets celebration was in 1989 when they gave out the Armitron Watch sponsored '69 Mets yearbooks (I hope I'm wrong on that date though). The programs look almost identical to the original version except for the back page.

I think the Mets are terrible at these old-timer/reunion events. In my opinion, the '69 Mets should be honored every 5 years and there should be an old-timers day every year. I like seeing the players of yesterday get loud cheers from today's fans.

This is all of the 1969 Mets pieces I have. A recap of my 1969 Mets pieces:

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