Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Twitter the 2010 National with #NSCC

The hashtag #NSCC is being used for tweets about The National Sports Collectors Convention or "the National."

If you're on Twitter and tweeting about "the National" use #NSCC in your tweet so others can join in the conversation. Sample tweet, "Topps just announced their promotion for the National. Check out the link to my latest blog post. #NSCC"

Hashtags allow both twitter users and non twitter users find conversations about different subjects.

Twitter and Non Twitter Users
To search for twitter conversations and information about the #NSCC:
  • Go to www.twitter.com and type #NSCC.
  • This will bring a list of tweets using the #NSCC hashtag. Another search is hashtags.org/tag/NSCC.
Use any of the searches above and add it to your RSS reader. The hashtags.org URL to save the #NSCC feed is http://hashtags.org/feeds/tag/NSCC.

TweetDeck Users
What is Tweetdeck? Tweetdeck is a free and pretty cool application by Adobe AIR that you download for free to your desktop. There are other free Twitter applications for your PC, I personally like tweetdeck.
  • Click the search icon in tweetdeck and type #NSCC.
  • This open another column (if you have less than 10 columns) and continually refreshes as long as you keep it.
Twittering with a common hashtag, #NSCC, will also be helpful while you're at the The National. If you have mobile alerts. You can send and receive tweets about different booth contests or special autograph guests.

Here's another article I wrote about the benefits of using a hashtag at a card show.  Now if we can just get foursquare here!

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