Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gary Carter's All-Star FanFest Fiasco

I think the fan here is trying to set up Gary Carter on this one. Gary is one of the most personable people I've met when getting autographs. You can see in the beginning of the video that Gary is talking to a fan about the spacious stadiums he played in.

I went to the MLB FanFest in Pittsburgh a few years ago and they didn't have any restrictions on what you could signed. Apparently that policy has changed and the fan in the video doesn't like the new policy.


zman40 said...

Wow. Maybe I should have tried that with Bruce Sutter and Jim Rice at the CWS Fanfest.

Fuji said...

A free autograph... is a free autograph. The fan should have appreciated the fact that his children were getting an autograph from a great player.

I think fans forget that players are human too. If Mr. Carter gives in to every fan's demands, it would hold up the line for everyone else.

Mr. Carter was a gentleman to this immature gentleman (who's teaching his kids that it's okay to whine, cry, and complain in order to get their own way)... and gave in to the pressure of being on video. Personally, I think he should have just said "have a nice day sir and thank you for being supportive fans" and moved on to the next person.

Anonymous said...

1. Did you notice that one of his video montages references this beloved blog and your article about Gary Carter not signing MLB stuff from earlier?

2. Referencing that earlier article seems to be an explanation. Carter wasn't signing those things as a statement against MLB making money of their image/name etc. Carter wasn't being a jerk because he wants money (since the $25 goes to a foundation) but rather to oppose something he stands against.

3. If this gentleman would pay attention he would recognize this and quite being a jerk.

Tony said...

The guy who fimed this was being a jerk. I'm pretty sure Carter would have signed baseballs. And besides a free graph is a free graph.

LaLoosh said...

Normally I agree with the fans but this guy was a jerk who knew what was going to happen. Why else would he tape it? He had to know the policy ahead of time. I would have been grateful for a FREE autograph!! My son would have been happy witha FREE autograph. The guy was a jerk and I wish Gary would not have given in but at least the kids got something extra.

James said...

@Holy - That's awesome. Thanks for the heads-up. I hadn't viewed his other videos.