Friday, August 27, 2010

The Answer: Stephen Strasburg

The Question:
Why should collectors avoid the temptation to overspend on rookie cards and buy into the hype of the yearly "greatest player ever?"

That's my weak attempt at Jeopardy.

I hate to see Strasburg have this injury. It hurts the game and the hobby. I kept quiet on all the people talking about buying his latest card and spending thousands of dollars on an autograph card. Everyone has their own taste and interests, but this is why I resist going all in.

Let's hope Bryce Harper isn't next.


Paul said...

It seems like buying a player's rookie card in the middle of their career is the safest way to go, if you just want it for your own collection.

Of course, the smart folks were the ones that pre-ordered Bowman before the Strasburg hype got huge and managed to flip the cards right around his major league debut.

I really hope that Strasburg can come back and return to the top of his game - he was fun to watch.

James said...

@Paul - I hope Strasburg can come back too . . . it was great for the game to have that much excitement on each start.