Saturday, November 20, 2010

GTSM Pricing Announced for April 2011 NJ Show

Will someone please bring Emmitt Smith back to Earth? Once again the Dancing with the Stars winner has pricing out of this world.

Full size helmet autograph: $350
HOF inscription: $175


Anonymous said...

People must be willing to pay that much, or the price would be coming down.

I was amazed at the number of folks that were spending $100 a signature for Evan Longoria at a show earlier this month.

Fuji said...

He's coming to the Bay Area show too. Right now, they have a pre-sale for his autograph/photo-op... $189... which is still too rich for my blood. But I'm sure they'll be a line for him at the show.

James said...

I was at a show a couple of years ago in Dallas when his prices were already sky-high... he didn't have anyone in line. He wasn't even sitting at the table. If someone went into line, they had to call him out.

I'll keep waiting for his price to drop.

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