Monday, November 29, 2010

Dallas Texans 1962 - Hometown Signings

This is another 1962 Fleer Dallas Texans card I picked up. Once again, the posed action shot of Sherrill Headrick is classic.

The stats on the back indicate that Headrick is from TCU. So far, 3 of the 4 '62 Texans that I've put on the blog came from Texas or Louisiana colleges.

Did they get local players due to easier scouting, public relations, lack of scouting budgets, or all of the above?

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David said...

The AFL, as you know, established teams in cities without NFL franchises (except for NY and LA). In addition to recruiting heavily in the historically black colleges, the AFL also looked at the smaller schools that the NFL could afford to overlook.

Part of the reason for so many local collegiate guys was to help create an interest in the team by having the fans recognize the players. They were referred to as "Territorial Picks."

In fact in the first AFL Draft the Dallas Texans Territorial Pick was QB Don Meredeth of SMU.