Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Card so Nice, I Had to Buy it Twice

Actually, this card helped me with my 2011 New Year's Resolution: Check the spreadsheet before bidding!  

I already have this '52 Bowman Large card of James Hammond. The eBay auction bid was $4 so I placed the bid. After I won it for $4, I checked my spreadsheet and had my duh moment.

Oh well, it's $4, it's a cool card... I "won" auctions far worse than this I suppose.


Hackenbush said...

I recently got a large shipment from COMC and discovered I had bought a 1953 Topps Sid Gordon (a card I already had). I only paid $2.03. It happens. The Hammond is nice BTW. Love the perspective and the WI badger.

James said...

@Hackenbush - Thanks. I like the college badges on some of those in the set too.