Friday, January 28, 2011

Yankees GM to Appear at MAB Autograph Show

Brian Cashman is making a rare appearance at an autograph show this weekend.

MAB's Pinstripe Passion Show is scheduled (snow permitting) for Jan. 29 -30. New York Yankees' General Manager Brian Cashman will be selling his autograph for $49 plus a $10 inscription.

This is the first time I remember seeing a front office executive sitting at an autograph show table to sell their signature.


yankeesjetsfan said...

He did a signing not too long ago for Steiner Sports. He's starting to make the autograph rounds. He worked a bar in NYC for charity on Wed. I was going to go, but due to the impending 19 inch blanket of snow that was headed to NYC, I didn't make it. I'll just get him TTM.

James said...

@YankeesJetsFan - I didn't realize he was on the circuit that much. I haven't seen many other execs out there.. especially current ones.