Thursday, November 5, 2009

New York Area Shows Compete for Yankees, Mets and Collectors

Competition may be good for the collector, but it doesn't help the stress-level next weekend.

November 14-15
MAB Celebrity Services has several NY Mets and Yankees in their catcher's themed show - including Joe Torre and Yogi Berra with throw back pricing.

Steiner Sports Store in Roosevelt Field Mall has Gary Carter signing autographs on Saturday, 11/14.

Alex Rodriguez has a rare public signing event at Last Licks on 11/14 at the Green Tree Club in the NY area.

The New York State National has Joe Klecko, Mark Gastineau and other New York Mets signing autographs on 11/14.

There's no lack of options on where to spend your New York themed collection dollar next weekend. I plan on going to the MAB show for a couple of projects I'm working on.

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