Sunday, December 19, 2010

1952 Bowman Large Design Fail

For the most part, the 1952 Bowman football series (large and small) looks outstanding. I've been working on a '52 Texans set for both.

There are some great action shots like Zollie Toth and Art Weiner.

And then the series has the John Wozniak card here.


Fuji said...

Why is this a fail? I actually think the card is pretty cool. I wouldn't buy cards with this design now... but for a vintage set it fits.

James said...

@Fuji - For me, the card is pretty boring compared to some of the others in the '52 set. The others have some cool (and goofy) action portraits. This has Woz just sitting there like it's a photo for pee-wee football.

I really like the rest of the set.

Fuji said...

I see your point now (I just went to COMC and looked at a bunch of others)... this is really a cool set. My favorite background is the cloudy sky scene, but I also like chalkboard background on the Buddy Parker card.

James said...

@Fuji - I like the set too.. the Large Cards are a bit of pain to store and find binder sleeves big enough for them though.