Thursday, August 13, 2009

1952 Bowman Small - Barney Poole and Art Weiner

Barney Poole (left) and Art Weiner (right)

There were two Art's on the '52 Dallas Texans?! Art Weiner (card #114) was an end for the Texans after missing the 1951 season to work on his Master's Degree.

Barney Poole (card #11) was also an end for the Texans and went by his middle name "Barney." His first name was George.


packaddict said...

wow! that is a really good looking set!

JRJ said...

I like the look of these too... and most of the cards are pretty cheap to find if MINT/NRMINT isn't a must.

Anonymous said...

this was fun to find. Art Weiner is my grandfather. If he understood the internet, I would have him take a look!

James said...

@Anon - Awesome. Send him a print out! I'd love to interview Art if he has a moment. Email me if you can thank.

Thanks for stopping by.