Monday, October 26, 2009

1952 Bowman Small - James Phelan

My 1952 Bowman Small Texans team set is almost complete. I recently picked up Coach James Phelan's card.

Phelan's Texans won only one game in that 1952 season. They beat George Halas' Bears in a game at the Akron Rubber Bowl on Thanksgiving. Halas may have been guilty of a little overconfidence. He started the game with his 2nd string offense and defense. Meanwhile, Phelan started whomever he could keep in uniform.

I met Art Donovan a couple of years ago. Donovan talked about the game and how Coach Phelan made the Texans go in the stands to thank the 3,000 or so people for coming to the game.

Phelan's biggest compliment may have come from Knute Rockne. He described Phelan as "the smartest quarterback I ever coached. James Phelan was the captain of the 1917 Fighting Irish.

The last (I believe) 1952 Bowman Small Texan I need is #144, Jim Lansford.

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