Thursday, October 29, 2009

Reggie Jackson is a New Currency

The dollar is dead and the Redge is the new standard.

Reggie Jackson is a little busy these days with the NY Yankees in the World Series. He's so busy, that he needed to cancel a scheduled appearance at the CSA Show on October 31. CSA could have just offered refunds, but instead, they offered the Redge.

If you pre-ordered your autograph ticket for Reggie Jackson, you can get a full-refund or participate in the Redge exchange rate for other autograph tickets.

Here is the current market value of the Redge:
1 Reggie small flat/baseball or oversize flat/equipment Ticket = 10 Redges
1 Reggie premium Ticket = 20 Redges

Redges may be redeemed according to the following menu:

1 Redge @: Carlton Fisk Inscription, Jean Fugett, Frank Howard, Charley Taylor, Chris Warren.

2 Redges @: Fergie Jenkins, Jim Kaat, Charles Mann, Gaylord Perry.

5 Redges: Carlton Fisk small flat/baseball Ticket.

7 Redges: Carlton Fisk oversize flat Ticket.

9 Redges: Carlton Fisk premium Ticket, any Game Model Bat (still in stock: Carlton Fisk, Frank Howard, Fergie Jenkins, Jim Kaat, Gaylord Perry, Ozzie Smith).

10 Redges: John Riggins small flat Ticket.

13 Redges: John Riggins mini helmet/football Ticket.

15 Redges: John Riggins premium (jersey/full size helmet/Super Bowl poster) Ticket.

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