Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Beckett Media Launches Cheer

"Cheer" is Beckett Media's newest magazine.

The magazine has information about some of the latest cheerleading cards and collectibles. Is this Beckett's version of the SI Swimsuit issue or the latest ESPN Magazine skin issue?

First issue is next week. Is this a monthly magazine?
EDIT 10/8: Tracy Hackler confirmed via Twitter that the magazine is a trial and does not have firm plans to become a monthly publication.

What do you think?


Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...

I love how he says "there's more to cheerleaders than ogling beautiful women between plays . . ." Knowing full well in the board room the conversation was " We need a Maxim type magazine with a legit sports angle"

James said...

I wouldn't have guessed there would be enough content for an 80 pg mag, but it's hard for me to not like a magazine about cheerleaders!

Anonymous said...

It's a one-shot.

Gellman said...

It's a one-shot.

It's the worst idea since the hobby hook-up. Glad Beckett has gone from "Seventeen" to "Cheer Monthly" in a matter of months.

Brian said...

Honestly, who is the target audience? If it is typical Beckett, a couple of full-color pages packed around 70 pages of black and white, no guy is going to buy it for the tease factor, which seems to be the only reason to print it. Surely this isn't a monthly.

James said...

Brian - I would have guessed there would be an MMA or UFC collecting magazine before a cheerleader collecting magazine.

Tracy said...

First of all, thanks for the coverage, James. It's always appreciated.

Cheer! is a special "one-shot" that's not a collectibles magazine about cheerleaders but rather a cheerleader magazine that includes information on collectibles.

As its tag line suggests, it's "a photographic tribute to America's sideline sweethearts." (Insert grumbling from a certain few here).

It's 80 full-color pages with a poster. In addition to a feature story on the history of professional cheerleading, there's also a Q&A with Abigail Klein, a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, and a card gallery showcasing Topps' 15-card set that VOTC loves so much.

There's then a 10-page photo gallery followed by two-page spreads for each of the 26 NFL teams that have cheerleaders. Each two-page spread includes tons of photos and information on what collectibles exist for each team (autographed 8 by 10s, calendars, etc.)

That's the magazine in a nutshell. You guys should check it out. James, if you're game, I'll send you a bundle and you can distribute to the folks here.

VOTC -- We never once mentioned Maxim in our "board room" while preparing this magazine.

Gellman -- Thanks for the love as always.

Brian -- This is not a monthly. But it's not out of the realm to envision one of these bad boys for college football or the NBA.

James -- We include considerable UFC/MMA coverage in Beckett Sports Card Monthly; in addition, our California office produces the top-flight Ultimate MMA magazine and we provide UFC/MMA collectibles information for them every month.

I hope this answers some of your concerns. Feel free to commence with ripping me again in five, four, three, two, one . . .

James said...

Tracy - Thanks for stopping by to comment and answer the questions.

I'm game for distributing the free mags. Thanks for offering.

I hope you guys asked Abigail about her skydiving?

LaLoosh said...

This can not be serious. I agree with Rob's comment.James - with all the free naked skin on the internet this nothing anymore. Anonymous be careful this is a family blog! Gellman- right anything to try and drum up quick sales. Tracey even though I don't buy most of your explanations- just a bunch of glowing generalaties, I give you credit for responding.

Brian said...

A little late I know, but I think it was good for Tracy to comment to the specifics of each person. The Cheer issue may not appeal to everyone, but neither does every set of cards that is issued.