Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wally Backman Baseball Reference Page

So he's no longer employed by the Joliet Jackhammers - I'm still sponsoring the Wally Backman Baseball Reference page!

Last week the Backman sponsorship became open and this week I jumped on it!

I'm hoping the Mets decide to bring Wally Backman into the Wilpon Circle of Trust or at least bring him in to help develop some of the young talent. Reports last week indicated that Omar was close to hiring him in some capacity.

I know Backman has made his mistakes - we all witnessed his rise and fall with Arizona in a 72 hour reality TV show. I think the Mets should move past his off-field issues. Backman's minor league resume (sans Joliet) are impressive and his style of play and coaching is what the Mets need.
This is my second Baseball-Reference sponsorship. The Sports Locker blog also sponsors the Howard Johnson page.


zman40 said...

What does it cost to sponsor a page?

James said...

Zman40 - The cost to sponsor a page on varies. Some guys like Backman and HoJo are $10 - $15 a year. The bigger names cost $100s and aren't always available. Whomever is the current sponsor has first dibbs to re-sign.