Sunday, May 2, 2010

Best HR Catch By a Fan with a Camera

I've only caught one foul ball and that was in batting practice - I don't think it should count for much.

The closest I came to a foul ball catch during a game was at Riverfront Stadium for a Mets/Reds game. I won the argument over my younger brother that I should have the seat on the end of the row so I can move to catch a foul ball hit our way. My brother is 4 years younger than me and was in 5th grade at the time. I felt pretty certain he wouldn't be able to catch it.

After five innings my brother's complaining finally won my parents over and I had to switch seats with him. Instead of sitting in seat #1 at the end of the row, I was in seat #4.

Sure enough, in the 6th inning, Mets catcher Mackey Sasser hit a foul ball our direction and I was trapped. I couldn't maneuver anywhere to get a better shot at it. And of course it headed exactly where I was sitting.

What happened next haunts me to this day.

I tracked the ball from Sasser's bat all the way to seat #1. Yes, I followed it to the seat and NOT my brother's glove. The ball ricocheted off my old seat and landed a few rows away from where I was sitting one inning earlier.

Where was my brother and his glove? The glove was on his head for protection in seat #3 shared by my mother! I didn't talk to anyone the rest of the game. I couldn't tell you who won and to this day that is the only ticket stub that I ever threw away.

Now I see this YouTube video of a guy catching Andrew McCuthen's home run at Dodger Stadium while video recording it. It's very cool!

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