Monday, May 24, 2010

Your iPad is Not Welcome at ARod's Park

I remember going to "Pac Bell Park" in San Francisco just after it opened and thought it was amazingly cool how you could download the line up and scorecard into your Palm Pilot. Yes, it was that long ago that Pac Bell opened when Palm was still relevant in the mobile industry.

It was great though, you could dock your Palm Pilot to a kiosk and get everything you needed.

Move forward about 10 years and iPad is the latest mobile gadget. Wouldn't it be great to walk into Yankee Stadium, download a scorecard from the stadium wifi, get the latest news, injury updates, starting pitching analysis and see highlights of other games all from your iPad and all from your seat inside the park.

Unfortunately, you can't even walk into the new house that ARod built with an iPad. Mashable reported Sunday night that iPads are now banned at Yankee Stadium. You can get on a plane without removing an iPad from your bag, but you can't watch a ball game in the Bronx with it.

I think baseball is missing a great opportunity to get the fans more involved with a device on their lap instead of a wiener race on the field.


Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity,why are iPads unwelcome in the House that A-Rod Built?

James said...

@Paul- According to the Steinbrenner's, the iPad falls into their no laptop policy.