Thursday, September 16, 2010

Reds Missed an Opportunity

The Reds could take a page from the Toronto Blue Jays marketing department.

Last week I blogged about #twittertuesdays at a Blue Jays game. It was a great experience for my family. We were able to meet people, get involved in the game and I could have conversations with other fans cheering for the Blue Jays. (I'm still a Mets fan, but I like to cheer for the home team when I'm at a new stadium.)

September 11 was Pete Rose #4192 celebration day at the Reds game. For the first time in over 20 years, Pete was allowed on the home field of the Cincinnati Reds. It was a great video tribute and it was amazing to see Pete on the field.

But the Reds really missed out on an opportunity to socialize with their customers. They didn't have a hashtag for the event. I twittered from touring the Reds Hall of Fame, from my seats, the concessions and after the ceremony. Using the tweet-see app, I could see hundreds of other people doing the same thing.

Instead of promoting a hashtag, like #4192, and following the conversation. The Reds marketing arm did they same thing they always do at a game: Send their pretty spokesperson to the vending areas to talk about great hotdogs for $10 and a 10% discount on hats at the gift shop. Really? Yes, really.

What they should have done:
  • Promote and follow a hashtag - #4192 is just an example. 
  • Get stories from people who came to see Pete on the field. I sat next to someone who drove to the game from Iowa to see Pete. 
  • Use twitpics of people in their Rose jerseys on the jumbo screen. 
  • Create an online petition to send to Bud Selig for Pete to be reinstated. 
  • Even talk about the cool Pete Rose print give-away at the Reds HOF. 
They missed an opportunity to connect, engage and turn their customers into evangelists.

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