Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Willie Mays Tells Mets - Let Me Sign Autographs

Willie Mays is so concerned about lack of attendance at Citi Field that he wants to have an autograph session (for him) on the field.

According to the NY Daily News, Mays said, "I'd like to come back and do a show there, 'like an autograph session, help myself, help the Mets."

Thanks to Willie for "offering" his services for a price at Citi Field. I think this could be a good idea if:
- Willie's autograph prices come down to reality
- Fans get a tour of the ballpark including, dugout, locker room, around the outfield, bullpen, etc.
- Add some other Mets greats to the line up.

But let's be honest.  Is really Mays really going to sit in the October chill at Citi Field to sign autographs? I think we're looking at next season.


Paul said...

Unless Willie's price comes down - a lot - it wouldn't get me out to CitiField.

I went to 10 games this year, and I'm certainly planning to go to some next year too. If the games were more affordable, I'd go to more of them.

Dion's IP Autos only said...

Sounds like the old man is just looking to make a buck he saw what ticket prices are for citi field and figured these fans would line his pockets a little how about doing it for free Willie????? lol like that would happen!