Monday, February 7, 2011

1987 Topps Mets - New Team Set Project

I have a head start on my new team set project. Jason from The Writer's Journey sent me about 15 cards from the '87 set - all Mets!

Thanks to Jason for the great start on my new project.

I decided to go with the '87 Topps Mets set because this was a team that I watched a lot during the '87 season. I was a big fan of the WWOR crew when I was growing up in south Jersey.

Of course the '87 season was disappointing. I still blame Roger McDowell for part a good part in that.

I had a lot of the '87 Topps set during that season. Unfortunately they lined the pennant on my wall instead of a occupying a page in my binder. This set will stay in the binder.


BA Benny said...

I should be able to help you with your 87 Mets needs, send me a list of what you need.

James said...

@BA Benny - Thank you. Whatever help you can give is great. I'm missing about half it seems:
48 Backman, 103 Aguilera, 130 Gooden, 158 Teufel, 267 HoJo, 295 Dykstra, 378 Santana, 404 Sisk, 460 Straw, 488 Knight, 512 Magadan, 543 Davey, 582 Berenyi, 595 Keith AS, 602 Carter AS, 603 Gooden AS

OK... maybe more than half!

Thanks again.