Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pete Rose Leaving Field of Dreams Las Vegas

Pete Rose's seven year run with Las Vegas Field of Dreams is over. The Las Vegas Journal reports that Rose is no longer signing autographs at the Caesar's Palace store.

The move seems to have taken place immediately. The StarsLive365 website, that holds the Field of Dreams autograph schedule, has Dick Butkus, Andre Dawson and Joe Montana listed for signings. I went to this store quite a few times to get Pete's autograph.

I thought everything in the store was over-priced and you had to get special permission from Pete to sign something you brought in, but the overall experience was great. You get to sit right next to him as he signs your item, you get a few minutes to talk to him and you get a photo taken.

A few years ago Pete did a pretty cool autographcast from Las Vegas, I blogged about it here. At the time, I thought it was awesome. I could talk to him on the phone, he signed my item and then had it on the camera. Of course today with facetime and Skype, it's not as big of a deal, but I haven't seen other companies try running with this yet.

Pete may not be done with Las Vegas. According to the LVJ, Rose could be on his way to Luxor - further down on the Las Vegas Strip. A year ago there were some rumors that Luxor would be getting into the memorabilia business, perhaps this is part of it.

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if there has been any updates to wether or not Pete is or will be at Luxor or anywhere else anytime soon? I will be in Vegas this coming Aug and was going to try and track him down to have his high school jersey autographed.