Thursday, February 17, 2011

Signings Hotline is on Twitter

Signings Hotline has a twitter account. You can follow them at

I'd like to see their twitter feed used for:

  • Offer some free autograph listing tips
  • Twitter contests for free autographs - I'm sure some of their sponsors would participate
  • Twitter trivia contests for 30 day free trials or membership extensions
  • Re-tweets of autograph show recaps from bloggers
  • Signings news from autograph companies like CSA, Mounted Memories, and MAB
I think it's great to see SigningsHotline on twitter.

I hope it's used for making connections with collectors, listening and learning more about the collectors' needs instead of treating it like a megaphone.



Howard said...

Thanks for adding this...

Right now we are Tweeting all the "Big Show" info. All info on our Free board is already Tweetable as well by any of our users. The Twitter format becomes an issue. As it can only handle 140 characters, if we Tweeted EVERYTHING we listed we would send out 100s of Tweets on many days. Nobody wants that. So we do the big guys and the users can tweet the other shows.
As for contests, absolutely. Once again the 140 character limit may be an issue especially if a promoter is putting up a prize and wants a plug. But the more immediate issue with a contest is that we need to build up our Twitter base a bit first.
We are also on Facebook at We are placing listing info on our Wall daily over there too. And likewise, would like to run contests there as well in time.

James said...

@Howard - Thanks for stopping by.

To get around the 140 character limit: Run the contest on your fanpage and link to it on your tweet using the URL shortener. This brings traffic to both. Or just keep it all on twitter with final score type of contests similar to Steiner Sports.

You'll build up the following in no time with a couple of contests. I wouldn't wait to reach a specific #.