Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Collecting for Your Kids

When my boys were born, I wanted to start collecting something for them. I wanted something I could get for them every year. The conditions:
- It couldn't cost much
- It would be easy to obtain
- It would be easy to store

I decided to go with World Series programs. Baseball is probably my favorite sport and the World Series programs only cost about $10-15 a piece. Tip: Buy them on eBay after the series is over. 

The programs also give a recap of the season and can capture the era with all of the ads and other stories. Have you ever read an old program and see the "color TV" or "Yoo-hoo Sports Drink" ads?

I recently picked up the 2010 World Series programs. Of course this year MLB made two versions: one for the Rangers and one for the Giants. I ended up going with the winning team.

Of course, I go through all this work and some day they'll say, "Why the h--l did the old man get a Giants World Series program?"


Fuji said...

Your kids will be stoked to inherit this collection. I don't own any WS programs... but I recently picked up my first Super Bowl program.

One of these days, I hope to grab a 1972 WS program for my own collection.

James said...

@Fuji - Thanks, I hope they think it's cool.

I should clarify, it's a WS program for every year since they've been born. The only old ones I have are old Mets ones... '69, 73, 86, and '00.