Monday, March 7, 2011

What's the Problem with the National Sports Collectors Convention?

Let's call them "opportunities for improvement."

The National Sports Collectors Convention has started their email marketing campaign, launched some prices and began spamming the facebook fan page. Does that sound familiar? Well, it should. It's the same process and product with problems we (collectors) have received for years.

My next blog posts are dedicated to identifying these opportunities and providing solutions for them.

I really want to see The National do well. I started the original facebook group for The National and along with VOTC, started the twitter hashtag #NSCC for use when discussing it. The next several posts will reveal:
  • Partnership Opportunities
  • Pricing Opportunities
  • Marketing Opportunities
  • Vendor Management Opportunities
I've thought a lot about these areas and how The National can take advantage in them. 


Sports Card Radio said...

Looking forward to it - this is right in your wheel house - hopefully they listen to some of the ideas.

James said...

Thank you. The first post will come out late tomorrow morning - I hope you like it.