Thursday, November 1, 2007

Rip off the seal . . .

. . . no longer sanitized for your protection!

This blog is designed for the sports memorabilia collector who is tired of finding blogs, newsgroups, and anything else on line trying to sell something. It's designed for the fan who wants to collect the autograph or memorabilia of their favorite players.

In this blog we'll do the following:
- Share tips on sports collecting
- Ask for help from other collectors
- Rant about our teams
- Share stories about autograph experiences
- Complain about the current memorabilia environment

I don't work for Beckett, Topps, or anyone associated with sports collecting. I'm just a sports fan who collects autographs for my favorite teams and is looking for a cool environment to share stories.

Lets get it on!

First topic:
Assuming ARod doesn't resign with the Yankees via Free Agency, what does this move do to his card and memorabilia popularity?


Monique said...

Am I allowed to comment as an embarrased Indians fan??

JRJ said...

I think it would become a snowbball effect if we started putting restrictions on Indians fans. No blog postings today . . . no voting rights tomorrow.

LaLoosh said...

As long as A-Rod can keep pace to break Barry HGHs HR record he will still be very popular in the memorabalia world. It does not matter who he plays for unless maybe the Devil Rays or I guess just the Rays now.

JRJ said...

And we've seen what a HR chase by a popular player (at the time) will do to card values... look at McGwire's record run in '98.

But can ARod be that popular of a player? Personally, I think he should pay Barry to keep playing just so Barry remains the sports most hated figure. Otherwise, the crown goes to ARod.

Troy said...

I don't think it will matter who he played for, plays for, or will play for. The player is the player and loyalty in a sports city for the athlete is a thing of the past. Look at how LeBron wore a Yankee hat during the Cleveland playoffs.