Friday, November 9, 2007

Somewhere there WAS a line

This summer I met Art Donovan at an autograph session in a Canton area mall. For $30 (or whatever it was), he signed a 1952 Dallas Texans helmet. He was awesome. He told stories about that team, playing their game in Akron, and was really engaging.

Last week he canceled his appearance at a CSA Show in Chantilly, VA due to health concerns. This week CSA's website ( is explaining to people how they've gone to Art's hospital room so he can sign memorabilia!

What? The man, who has given so much to football, has to be bothered by a memorabilia hound on his bedside with a poster, photo, mini helmet and a black sharpie? Imagine walking through the hospital with a box of mini-helmets and a sharpie as you pass families praying their loved ones aren't leaving this Earth.

Hopefully Art is doing fine and he's just in the hospital for a few days. Maybe CSA could spend more time praying for Art and his family, and less time trying to squeeze every autograph they can out this great man. I think they crossed a line.


Troy said...

I wish I had a long rant to post this time but I can't think of person in sports that I would bother in the hospital for an autograph! This is sickening to me!

Thud the Clown said...

Guys, I totally agree!! What do you call a society that consist of individuals that can't see past their own WANTS? Let the man rest. I know a collector that actually went to Jagr's house (sorry for the hockey reference, but...) to get some of his sod...

Troy said...

I bet if they put some of his sod on a baseball card it would sell!

JRJ said...

There it is! The new Topps $50 pack of cards... they'll call it the "Personal Relics" collection. Just think, baseball cards could have:
- piece of Babe Ruth's house
- part of Ty Cobb's tombstone

And entertainment cards could have:
- piece of Michael Moore's soul
- piece of Michael Jackson's nose