Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mets are Cowards - Willie Deserved Better

I'm not a huge Willie Randolph fan. I think he deserved to be fired following last season's historic collapse. But not this way.

The Mets let Willie travel with the team on a West Coast Road trip while Omar Minaya flew separately and circled liked a bird of prey.

All Willie does from there is handle himself with class, respect, and lead the team to their 3rd win in 4 games. He conducts his post game press conference and even mentions that the win is something his team can build with.

Then in the midnight hour, Omar talks to Randolph to give him the boot!

Why did it take until 3am EDT to fire him?
Why make Willie travel 2,000 miles to fire him?
Why wait until after Willie's post-game press conference and leave him hanging out to dry?

This appears to be a cowardly move by the organization to try and save face and do the deed away from the NY media spotlight.

The move needed to be made, but it's 8 months too late. They should have done it after last season's collapse and start fresh this season.

Dear Eric Davis -
How do you get back from the West Coast when you're stranded here?
Willie Randolph

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