Friday, June 6, 2008

Making Beckett Blog Ideas Better

I'm not expert on blogging, the web 2.0, trading cards, or marketing. But for the sake of this post, I'll pretend to be one from my blogging chair.

Kudos to Beckett (Eric) with a quick response to my post about the leaders of the industry (Beckett, SCD, TuffStuff) being more inclusive and bringing the community together... blah, blah, blah, read the rest of that post here. I think Eric's going to do great with his new role @ Beckett.

But how do you do expand the blog and be more inclusive? And what does that mean? Here's an example:

A few weeks ago Beckett had a cool story on their blog about attempted destruction of their grading cases. It was very creative, promoted their product, and who doesn't like trying to destroy something. But that was it?! Beckett can be more inclusive by expanding on that idea:
What punishment will your grading cases accept? Let us see!
Beckett could run a campaign by asking you to send your YouTube video of what kind of damage your Beckett Grading case will take WITHOUT getting destroyed. Now I'm not saying to get your graded Mantle rookie and see if it'll survive a shark attack, but put something to test. Be creative with it.

If Beckett did this, they'd have a ton to gain and we'd all have fun using their product.

They could run a huge campaign on it where the winner of the most creative grading case punishment got 10 graded cards for free and were featured in the next multi-sport trading card magazine, put on their web site and whatever else.

Now that's interactive marketing, that's web 2.0, and that's getting 100s of people to use your product, believe in it, and sharing the video of your product with 1,000s of people on the internet.


ejahnke said...

A small note to add to this: Ae are still listening...

Right now we are developing the very contest you mentioned above. It may be a week or so before it gets officially announced, but just giving a little heads up...

Law said...

check out my NFL blog - I love NFL trading cards and will be adding NFL trading card blog posts soon

thanks - and please comment


Kevin said...

Awesome how all this has developed into something fun and what a great idea for a contest.

I was asked by Beckett to test the security of some of their products. During the testing I noticed the slabs were almost indestructible and air tight. For fun, I decided to go all out and see much a single slab could take before the card inside was affecte...while documenting the various steps. It was so mind boggling that I put it on my website.

Some of the competitors slabs cannot handle a single drop of liquid (seriously), let alone hours of soaking, freezing and boiling. Hope everyone has a blast and I’m anxious to see just how creative some will be. Enjoy!

Kevin Saucier

JRJ said...

Kevin - Thanks for stopping by the Blog. The tests you guys did with the BGS slabs were great! That's why I can't wait to see what people will come up with for the Beckett contest. It's the perfect example of how the web can be more social, interactive, and create a community.
Thanks again.