Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Beckett, SCD, or TuffStuff Should Promote the Blogs

One of these magazines should do blog reviews or blog profiles in their next magazine, web site, and blog.

Blogrolls aren't doing these great sites justice. There are so many great blogs that have started in the past year or so and it's impossible to find them all.

A few months ago, Beckett had a posting on their blog that asked readers about topics for their next magazine. I suggested the web 2.0 feature, and they responded that it was a great idea, but since then . . . .

If Beckett, Sports Collector's Digest and TuffStuff want to be considered the leaders in the industry, then they need to reach out an embrace all the good work that is being done to improve the hobby.

Start a weekly feature to promote a blog, start a monthly column in your magazine, and become the glue that brings the community together. Putting a url on the blogroll is only the start.
To TuffStuff's credit, I know they've invited bloggers on their radio show - I'm sure my invitation was lost in the mail. :) And Mario @ Wax Heaven consistently talks about other cool blogs and does a few features. Chris @ the Gavel Chat is great at this too.

Beckett has been posting YouTube videos of their box breaks, but there are a lot of blogs and collectors out there that do the same thing. Why not post their box break on the site? It doesn't take away from the Beckett break and it brings another perspective and opinion to the community.

It's time for the leaders of the industry to step up, lead by example, and bring this diverse web 2.0 to everyone.


Wax Heaven said...

Great post! Unfortunately, guys like Beckett and TuffStuff see Bloggers as competition (that is my guess). I have had an article each week for three straight weeks at so maybe that has changed.

Sports Card Info said...

Thats a great idea. Having them promote blogs would really boost viewers.

JRJ said...

Thanks guys. It sounds like Eric is committed to expanding the role of the blog. I give him a lot of credit for reaching out and reading other blogs.

That said, I think Beckett/TuffStuff/SCD are missing out on some great opportunities - I'll have a post about one of them tomorrow.

Thanks again for stopping by.

Sports Card Info - I'll add you to the blog list.

Harner said...

So true. It is hard to get exposure when you just start out like I did five months ago.

JRJ said...

Harner - Thanks for stopping by. It's great to see a fellow BGSU Falcon on here!

Promoting the other blogs is a win for everyone: the owner of the blog gets traffic, the readers get another opinion/perspective, and Beckett/TuffStuff/SCD look like the leaders by bringing it all together for people.

Thanks again.

Gellman said...

In my opinion, a magazine like Beckett should never be accepting boxes to open, if not only because it is a terrible conflict of interest for a source that (wrongly) sets the prices for a lot of the hobby to be accepting "gifts" from the people that are the subject of their mag. We saw what happens when this goes insanely wrong with the Exquisite Football Breaks from this year, and I for one, will never support them again, due to the fact that it is blatantly obvious that they were in on it from the beginning.

Secondly, I think it would be great if instead of this practice, they took the thousands of breaks from real customers around youtube and featured those instead. No more favoritism and stacked boxes, instead they are real collectors who spend their own hard earned money.

JRJ said...

Gellman - Thanks for the post and your great commments. The solutions they should take are so simple, but they fail to make them. I wish Beckett had learned their lesson during their previous box break screw-up.

Great blog you have.. I'll be linking to it!

Thanks again.