Friday, June 27, 2008

Pete Rose Las Vegas Signing

What's a trip to Vegas without a Pete Rose signing?

I stopped by the Field of Dreams store in Caesar's Palace Las Vegas to pay Pete a visit. He was great with his customers as he always is. I got a baseball with a 1973 NL MVP inscription to add to my Rose collection.

The people in the store are a little pushy. They keep following you and ask what your favorite team is and then bring out anything autographed by someone on your team. After I told them it was the Mets the guy brought out like 50 (or it seemed) things of Tom Seaver. And it's not like they brought out a bat, or a baseball, but they are these huge 16x20 (or similar) sized wall mounts and plaques! Who has room for even two of those huge things!

But, I think I'm done on the Pete Rose baseballs and signed pieces. It's getting to be obscene, but I'm pretty happy with it. My collection includes:
  • Signed Reds Jersey with "Charlie Hustle" inscription
  • Signed Black Bat with all of records hand written in a silver sharpie
  • 3 Personalized Signed Baseballs
  • Signed Baseball with "4256 Hit King" inscription
  • Signed Baseball with "1963 ROY" inscription
  • Signed Baseball with "1975 WS MVP" inscription
  • Signed Baseball with "1973 NL MVP" inscription
  • Signed Baseball with "1963Fort Knox" and his co. # inscription
  • Signed Gold Glove Baseball with "1969 and 1979" Gold Glove inscription
  • Signed 1980 World Series Baseball with "WS Champs" inscription
  • Signed Minn. All-Star Game baseball with "Last All-Star Game" inscription
  • Signed Baseball with "I caught Boone's bobble in the 9th" inscription


LaLoosh said...

I think you need a baseball with these ideas:
"I have a gambling problem"
"I have a truth telling problem"
"I have a staying faithfull to my wife problem"
"I have an addiction to signing my name to any piece of memorbalia issue"
"I LOVE the IRS"
"I am sorry I bet on baseball" , WAIT he did do this one:

JRJ said...

My favorite is the gag one he did a few years back: "I'm sorry I shot JFK."