Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Beckett Hears Your Screams

Your Blog Needs More Love
They are the sports cards Leader
Beckett hears your screams

How about a little Humpday Haiku love?!

Anyway, Have you noticed the Beckett blog changes? Congrats to Eric and Beckett for cracking the Beckett virgin vault of opinions.

Beckett's blog has a link titled, "What's Coming Up" section that invites guest bloggers and a way for other blogs to get noticed and highlighted on the site. Mario from Wax Heaven has a guest blog entry scheduled soon.

I think this is a great start with Beckett. Lets wait and see if this is the beginning of a plan to create a web community or if they are only throwing bloggers a bone? Either way, it's time for sports cards bloggers to take advantage and let their opinions get heard!

Is TuffStuff or Sports Collector's Digest going to do the same?

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