Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Freedom CardBoard National Baseball Cards

Freedom CardBoard was handing out some awesome baseball cards during the 30th annual National Sports Collectors Convention.

These are FCB original cards done by their own photographers. They are Tim Beckham, David Cooper, Matt Wieters, Justin Smoak, and Brett Wallace. They look awesome.

FCB did a great job marketing themselves during the National with giveaways, raffles, scavenger hunts, and live chats from their booth.

Leave a comment if you'd like one or more of the FCB cards. I'll mail them to you.

Check out the Freedom CardBoard- great site and good people.


Brian said...

I would love that Justin Smoak card and I'll send you a goodie in return.

arfmax said...

Love the Brett Wallace card!


Andrew said...

What was the scavenger hunt like? It sounds like a cool promotional activity to hold at a convention.

JRJ said...

Andrew - For the scavenger hunt, they placed FCB t-shirts in dealer booths throughout the IX Center. You had to find 8 of them and right down the location of each. If you found them, you entered your name in a prize drawing. They were doing an Albert Pujols baseball when I was there.

I thought it was a pretty cool idea.

LaLoosh said...

I would take the Weiters card.

JRJ said...

@Brian & @arfmax- Send me an email with your address. Click the profile link on the home page.

@Laloosh - I have your address. I'll put the Weiters card in the mail tomorrow.

arfmax said...

Sent e-mail, thanks again!