Thursday, August 27, 2009

Keith Hernandez Swings The Bat So Hard . . .

. . . his helmet pops right off his "say no way to Mr. Gray" hair!

In this card Keith (with the 'stache) swings and drives a ball into the Shea Stadium right field gap. I can totally see him cruising into 2nd base with a stand-up double and pumping his fists.

Yes, this is how a Mets fan deals with the 2009 season, by scanning old cards and having visions of previous teams.


Anonymous said...

This card always made me laugh. I'll bet Hernandez was a bit upset the first time he saw it.

Have you seen the "I AM KEITH HERNANDEZ" video? Hilarious.

James said...

@twj - The SNY video/commercial? Or the Seinfeld? Both crack me up.