Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pete Rose to Upper Deck - Dual Autograph Request

I'm looking forward to the Pete Rose cards with Upper Deck's 2010 Goudey card set. Last week UD announced the agreement with Pete Rose.

I was never a big fan of the Sportskings cards that recently came out with Rose cards and autographs. They were priced out of my budget and I'm not a huge fan of their look/appearance. Hopefully the UD Goudey cards will look sharp and fit in my card collecting budget.

I'd like to see a dual autograph card with Rose and Garvey. The picture with the two of them in it was taken right after Rose picked up hit #4,192.

I have an 8x10 of Rose and Garvey with both of their signatures that I'll post on here some day. Garvey signs pretty frequently at the Rose Las Vegas location in Caesar's Palace, but I think a card with both autographs would be awesome.


gcrl said...

i agree! this photo was used for a card (part of the upper deck gm or pbs baseball set). it's a great lurker photo of the garv.

James said...

He is a lurker!

@gcrl - I'd also like some cut auto cards of Rose/Dowd; Rose/Giamati; Rose/Jansen... Those would be cool.