Friday, April 9, 2010

Mike Ditka's First Super Bowl Wasn't with Chicago

"Da Coach" is a two-time Super Bowl Champion with the Dallas Cowboys. I'm a Mike Ditka fan. I thought he was great for the game and still is with his commentary.

In 1969, Mike Ditka came to Dallas and in 1971 he helped the Dallas Cowboys win their first Super Bowl. In Super Bowl VI he caught a touchdown pass from Roger Staubach helping the 'boys win their first title, 24-3 over the Miami Dolphins.

In the 1977 season Mike Ditka was a coach on the Cowboys for their 27-10 win against the Denver Broncos.

I got Mike Ditka's autograph on my Super Bowl VI and Super Bowl XII helmets during the March CSA Autograph Show. The picture here is from my Super Bowl XII helmet.

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