Monday, April 26, 2010

Proud Parenthood Hobby Moments

It's a moment we've all thought about. I wasn't sure it would happen. I didn't want to force it. If it happened great, if not, that's OK too.

On Friday, one of my boys said, "Dad, can I take my cards to school for Share Day?"

I don't think they make a Hallmark card for the event, but damn it - they should!

He didn't want to bring one or two... he wanted to bring the entire box! My answer was an emphatic YES! Bring the box in, let everyone pick them up, read the backs and check them out.

We celebrated Friday night by having Mac and Cheese for dinner. Good times.


MattR said...

I did that once. I brought my 1977 collection to show and tell. It was about 10 cards short of the complete set. Someone stole the cards. I was heartbroken. My dad felt sorry for me and ordered a complete set through the mail.

deal said...

If I bring a box of cards to the National, can I get you to make me mac n cheese.

James said...

For you . . . I'll even make the velveeta shells & cheese! :)

Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...

Nice!! Sounds like you might have dropped a quiet tear. :) I would have.