Sunday, March 23, 2008

Pete Rose Autograph via Web 2.0

I got the Pete Rose autograph via web 2.0 Saturday night.

How it worked
I signed up on the web site and bought a baseball.

  • Someone for Pete Rose called me at 9:00 pm ET and asked me to go to the URL they provided.

  • Then she said there would be a 25 second delay from Pete talking on the phone to me and what goes on the internet.

  • She handed the phone to Pete and I talked to him for about a minute regarding his Fort Knox Ohio Reserve days after his '63 season and he personalized a baseball for me.

  • He was really cool, but a little rushed on the phone.
I think it was pretty cool but the event had it's share of problems:

The email to me from FansEdge says the autograph is 3/23, but the web page said 3/22 in some spots and 3/23 in others.

7:30 - ish
I was supposed to get a call from Pete shortly after 7:30. He finally called @ 9:10. At that point, I thought the autograph was going to be tomorrow.

I think there's plenty of room for improvement on this and it is a big gimmicky, but I still enjoyed it. I should get the baseball in a few weeks, I'll post a follow-up with a picture when I receive it. When on the phone, I asked for a signature on the sweet spot with "Fort Knox" and his company number under it... just wanted to have a different kind of autograph.


Tragik007 said...

Wow, I have never heard of that.

JRJ said...

tragik007 - Thank you. This is the first time I've heard of it too. I thought it was pretty cool.
Thanks for reading the blog.

Troy said...

Keep us updated if any other player decide to do this. I have Pete's auto so I didn't get involved, but this is facinating!