Tuesday, July 1, 2008

All Star Game Brings Steiner Marketing

If you are unsure about the location of this year's MLB All-Star game, then you aren't on Steiner's mailing list! Yesterday I received my about my 3rd Yankee themed All-Star Game Steiner marketing piece through the mail.

Steiner is promoting their All-Star game baseballs with mostly Yankee autographs. The biggest surprise price: Robinson Cano signed All-Star game baseball = $149.99 vs. Yogi Berra All-Star game baseball = $110!

I know there are some kind of price/demand metrics that probably determine this to be the most profitable for Steiner, but are people really paying $40 more for a Cano baseball than they are for Yogi?


LaLoosh said...

This is a sad commentary on the state of baseball collecting today. I would not pay $20 for a Cano anything until he actually does something worthy. I would consider a Yogi Berra baseball at $110 a STEAL. Anyone paying $40 more for Cano should have their head examined.

JRJ said...

Baseball is a huge game about history, but that doesn't get reflected as much as it should in the collecting universe. Everyone wants the "who's next" card or autograph - remember all the Jay Bruce cards going for $1K a month ago?

I got Yogi's autograph at an MAB show last year. He didn't say much and doesn't do inscriptions anymore, but the signature still looks good and its a great one to get.