Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Howard Johnson is a 1989 Donruss Diamond King

Add another Howard Johnson card to my collection.

I picked up a 1989 Donruss Diamond King card of HoJo. I like the back of the card the best on the Diamond Kings. You don't get a fancy table of stats or odd quotes from other players... you get an old school block of text!

The back of this card starts with "Had it not been for Kevin Mitchell and Will Clark, Howard Johnson would have had an easy path to the Most Valuable Player Award." The block of text on the back of the card ends with, "A simply stellar year." Was this written by HoJo's agent?


paulsrandomstuff said...

Ah, they have to make it sound like the players are worthy of including in a "Diamond Kings" subset... and since they couldn't exactly pick the same guys every year, you'd tend to get some odd choices.

By the way, that HoJo card was from 1990.

Tim said...

Let us gaze upon the awesomeness...! Sweet Card!

thewritersjourney said...

Donruss had a rule in the 80s, can't remember what it was exactly, but there was a limit on how many years you had to wait in between DK appearances. I want to say 7 years, but it may not have been that long.