Saturday, December 26, 2009

Topps 3D Cards - The 2nd Best Augmented Reality Tool of 2009

According to the writers at Mashable, the social media guide, Topps' use of web cams was only out-done by BMW Z-4 campaign.

I blogged in March about the Topps 3D Cards. I think the technology could be cool and a great technique to teach kids about baseball (for the purposes of this example), but we're not there yet. Right now, I side on this being a gimmick.

I hope Topps continues to improve and add to this technology. As I mentioned in March, I'd like to see:
  • players playing the game?
  • get classic video and reenactments of the history of the game like Kirk Gibson in '88 and Mookie Wilson in '86.
I like reading Mashable, but I don't agree with Topps being #2 on this list.


paulsrandomstuff said...

If Topps' little gimmick is the second best example of 2009, Augmented Reality is not ready for prime time.

James said...

@Paul - I think you're right, but the web cam usage in the other campaigns was done to help promote a product. For Topps, the web cam usage was the product.