Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Strasburg, Schmasburg . . . I keep thinking of Brien Taylor

Stephen Strasburg may sign an exclusive deal with Topps, but I keep thinking of Brien Taylor.

On the surface, it seems a bit like deja vu. A Scott Boras client demands top dollar before throwing a pitch in the majors, negotiations go long and in the end Boras gets his money.

Remember Brien Taylor? Boras was an "advisor" at the time (different rules back then) and had long contract negotiations with the Yankees before getting his price. What happened to Taylor? He tore his labrum in a bar fight while in the minors and never really recovered.

Taylor eventually (officially) retired in 2000. He now lives with his parents in the house his signing bonus paid for on a street named after him, working for his dad's brick company, and supporting his five children.

Hopefully Strasburg has better results, but please excuse my lack of enthusiasm for a pitcher who wasn't won anything yet. I've seen this script before.


Sooz said...

does he really have five kids?

James said...

@Sooz -Sadly, that whole story is true.

Play at the Plate said...

That card haunts me.

jacobmrley said...

taylor would have been a monster except for that dumb dumb moment in a bar. his numbers were sick.