Monday, December 28, 2009

Pieces of Meadowlands Sans Hoffa

Steiner Sports is selling pieces of Giants Stadium.

Through their web site you can purchase seats, seat backs, pieces of the turf and concrete that encases for the former Teamsters boss. Or not.

For $500 you can get two red seats. I really don't think that's a bad price if you're a Giants or Jets fan considering the prices the Yankees, Mets, and Cowboys asked for their seat pairs.

True, Giants Stadium doesn't have the history of Yankee Stadium or maybe even Texas Stadium, but I'd say it's better than Shea. The Mets were selling their seat pairs for $869. One Shea Stadium seat back will still cost you $300.

I'm a big fan of stadium seats. I picked up a pair of Texas Stadium seats last year.

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Steve said...

I agree that $500 is a decent price for 2 seats. I wish Yankee seats were as affordable... in that case I might actually be able to afford two.