Sunday, February 28, 2010

Autograph Collectors are Terrorists!

According to Curt Schilling, "This is a poor analogy, but it's like terrorism. If autograph dealers want to get in, they will," Schilling said. "That's a tough thing to say because I also see these kids, too. There are so many people who have no interest in me and want me to just sign some things so they can sell them."

Curt Schilling made the comments while attending the ESPN Walt Disney World event this week.

1) Too many times athletes make the stereotype that everyone who collects an autograph, runs to eBay to sell it. I have a ton of autographs and I've never got one in person to turn around and sell it on eBay.

2) Sure, some people do this sort of thing. They get the autograph at spring training and then list on eBay that night. But, is doing that any different than the person finding a deal on Sierra Trading Post and then selling that item on eBay to make money?

3) Am I the only who can see this irony? Schilling is pissed that someone is making a dollar on his autograph while he promotes events Walt Disney World where hamburgers cost $25!


Anonymous said...

I think everybody outside of Boston is willing to admit that Curt Schilling can be a bit of a jerk sometimes.

But he does have a point, even though he doesn't articulate it very well. Autograph seekers -- whether they're collectors or dealers, kids or adults -- can get out of hand.

If you're constantly getting swarmed by they when you go out in public, I can certainly understand where the frustration comes from.

David said...

Schilling is an idiot. Here's a guy who thinks nothing of taking millions of dollars from his MLB club who in turn passes that cost on to fans in the form of ticket price increases. He then turns around and whines because someone might make money selling his autograph? Get real, most people who collect autographs won't purchase an autograph on word of mouth that its real. And what's the difference if you do a show and are paid by a promoter? Do you think people might sell those autographs on ebay? Grow up Curt, you are a has been.

Go get a real job Curt, you should be lucky that people want your autograph in the first place.