Monday, February 8, 2010

Request for Neater Autographs

Jeff Figler, from the St. Louis Today site (special to the Post-Dispatch) is calling on all atheletes to use their best hand writing when signing baseballs.

I'm not a fan of horrible signatures either, but as long as it's unique and I'm able to read it, then I'm really not concerned if the player dotted his i's and crossed his t's.

From Figler's article on St. Louis Today:
"It is a sad state of events when a father brings home a baseball to his daughter or son of their favorite player and they have to ask who the signature is of."

More of Jeff Figler's article here.


Paul said...

I wonder how much of the sloppy autograph problem is a result of the diminished importance we place on hand-written communication now.

James said...

Paul- That's a reason for my poor handwriting. I also like to blame the NJ Public school systems... my hands received a ruler for talking way to much in elementary school. Oh that Ms. Phillips!