Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Emmitt Smith Breaks Collector's Banks

We're in a recession, 10% unemployment, soaring deficits and Emmitt Smith wants all of your money for his signature.

Prices are out for the 40th Annual Chicago Sun Times Show and it's not pretty for Emmitt collectors. I knew he would be expensive, but this is insane. Emmitt's prices are:
Flats, up to 16x20: $249
Mini Helmets, balls, flats greater than 16x20: $299
Reg. Size Helmets, Jerseys, & Gator items: $349
HOF '10 inscription: $189

I have the autograph of every living Cowboys Hall of Famer on a full size helmet. For me to keep that, I'd have to pay: $538! I just can't do that.


Tim said...

Um.....yeah.....that's a little bit ridiculous. Ain't no one worth that much.

Smirker said...

When are autograph fees going to come back to reality? These promoters and athletes are out of touch with real America.

Steve said...

This is the reason why I stopped assembling "group items." Whether it's ballplayers or astronauts -- yes, astronauts! - there is always one or two in the group that won't sign or demands insane group or completion fees. It reaches the point of diminishing returns. Will adding Smith's signature increase the item's value $538? Never in a thousand years. I have a photo signed by seven of the 12 moonwalkers. Buzz Aldrin wants over $600 to sign it! Even more to add an inscription like "Apollo 11." I guess I'll have to live without adding his signature to the photo.

Anonymous said...

I can't see spending that kind of money for an autograph, but I bet some people can.

The prices will come down (or the players & former players will stop doing autograph shows) if nobody wants to pay. If Mounted Memories manages to sell enough tickets, then the prices aren't going anywhere but up.

An Autograph A Day said...

Stunning news really. I got Emmitt to sign an item for me back in 1991 and I was complaining about $25, so you can imagine my amazement reading this. Definitely in need of a reality check.