Thursday, February 25, 2010

Profiting from 9/11 - Is this OK?

Is an autographed photo of Rudy Giuliani, standing by the smoldering ashes of the World Trade Center a bit too much?

I like Rudy and admired his leadership during the 9/11 tragedy, but autographing pictures of himself standing near the rubble while rescue workers search for victims isn't appropriate. It's Already Signed 4 U is selling the photo for $178.95.

Thousands of Americans lost their lives at that location. I was at Ground Zero six months after the tragedy. There was (and might still be) and eerie quiet near the area. I remember the photos people placed, the flowers setting along the fence line, but I mostly remember the quiet and the hum of construction equipment in the ground below.

Tourists weren't walking around to pose for photos or look for souvenirs. They (myself included) mostly arrived to pay respect for the lives lost on that tragic September morning. I never imagined I would see someone trying to sell an autograph picture of such a horrific event.

It just seems insensitive to me that Rudy would sign photos like this and a company would be selling them. It doesn't say anywhere on the site that proceeds benefit any of the 9/11 charities and foundations.

An autograph of Rudy would be great piece for collectors, but not with Ground Zero in the background.


Steve said...

This does seem tasteless, however, I am not convinced this is an authentic autograph. The signature does not compare well to an in-person Giuliani I have in a book.

This "souvenir shop" type web site buys autographs from "suppliers." Some appear to be legitimate names, others are suspect.

Dave - Fielder's Choice said...

Yeah, that's pretty inappropriate. Of course, Rudy's been telling people that there were no terrorist attacks against the U.S. during the Bush administration, so I guess he's already forgotten about 9/11.