Sunday, February 14, 2010

Great Moments in Mets History - Really?

We settled on the Topps 2010 product to collect our Mets team set. Valentine's Day gifts for the boys were packs of cards - is there a better gift for the new collectors in the family?

The Target rack-pack had some Mets including this "Franchise History" moment. I put "franchise history" in quotes because it's the name of the card and I'm questioning if this is the best Topps could do for Mets history? The scanned card is Tom Seaver throwing out the last pitch of Shea Stadium.

Is the last unofficial pitch in the stadium part of Mets history? It's not even a great looking card. The background looks terrible and Seaver has this look as if the ball won't make it near the catcher. The Mets have had their share of horrible team history, but there were plenty of moments to use:
- 1969 World Series: Swoboda's catch
- 1986 World Series: Bill Buckner/Mookie Wilson play
- 1996 Todd Hundley breaking the catcher single-season home run record
- 2001 Mike Piazza's home run on 9/21... first baseball game in NY after 9/11

And if Topps wanted this to be a moment in Mets history, couldn't they have used a picture that included Mike Piazza catching this unofficial pitch from Tom Seaver?


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if Topps has negotiated for the rights to use Piazza's likeness on new cards.

I think I would have preferred a shot of the ceremonial first pitch to open CitiField, but I don't have a problem with the Tom Seaver Shea Goodbye card. Check out some of the other Franchise history shots -- there seem to be quite a few generic stadium photos.

James said...

Even if they couldn't put Piazza in it, it could have been so much better. Why not zoom a tad on Seaver? Do we need the fuzzy background?